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Fire Chief Details Search For Missing Man


A Farrell man who went missing Jan. 19 from Edgewood Longterm Structured Residence in Pulaski Township was found dead on Saturday.

Vincent Huntley, who had mobility issues, went missing for eight days and was found less than 500 feet from the building by family members who were conducting a search.

Rusty Noga, Lawrence County Coroner, said family members called 911 at 11:26 a.m. to report the body had been found. Noga arrived on scene at 11:49 a.m., and pronounced Huntley deceased at 12:12 p.m.

“The case is still under investigation until we get the toxicology back,” Noga said. “He was found in a field a couple hundred feet from the home where he was last seen.

“The state police are investigating it also. He was last seen on Jan. 19 when he left the facility. The search party by his friends and family were the ones who found him. They called 911 around 11:26 a.m.”

Pulaski Township Volunteer Fire Department chief Jim Kuhn said his department did everything in its power to help find Huntley during an initial search on Jan. 22. Kuhn said the department sought the help of tracking dogs from Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Company.

“I wish, myself, we would have found him and saved the family that process,” Kuhn said. “But, unfortunately, we didn’t. I think what maybe would have turned the search even farther if I was given information he had a hard time walking. I would have focused on coming back out again. I wasn’t given that information from the get-go.”

Kuhn said the department began organizing a search on Jan. 22, when they initially learned Huntley was missing.

“We found out Monday around 4:00 p.m., and I immediately put a search together,” Kuhn said. “The pastor, a family friend, notified me and stopped down to help the search. He wanted to be there for emotional support.

“He did show up Monday evening around 7:00 p.m. I then called for the canine dogs out of Slippery Rock Township. George Johnson, Slippery Rock Township fire chief, coordinated the search. I did the command part.”

Kuhn said the biggest aspect of the search was providing emotional support for the family, who was distraught over not being able to locate Vincent Huntley.

“They thanked us up and down for the Monday search,” Kuhn said. “They praised us for everything they did to help find him. We did the search three days later (after he went missing), and that is when we were notified by the police department.” 

Kuhn said Pulaski Township Police Department began the search, and a total of 27 Pulaski Township VFD members participated. Weather also impacted the search efforts.

“It was rainy, and it started snowing,” Kuhn said. “The dogs they used were tracking dogs. I believe the weather did impact the search, honestly.”

Kuhn said he was told numerous times that Huntley had been spotted in New Castle and Farrell.

“I didn’t start another search,” Kuhn said. “I was told it was a definite he was spotted after our initial search Monday night. We tried our best. The preacher is aware we tried our best. That is all we could have done.

“I found out just like everybody else when they found him. I do wish we could have ended up finding him and saved the family that process. I wish I could have tried harder.”