Moraine Elementary School


Moraine Elementary School
350 Main Street
Prospect, PA 16052

Tel.: 724-865-2010 x. 5603
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Dear Moraine Family,

Welcome to Moraine Elementary School! The administration, teachers, and support staff look forward to the upcoming school year as we begin a wonderful new journey of learning with your child. Together we will provide the students a positive, enriching learning experience that will foster intellectual, social, and emotional/behavioral growth. We will encourage independence, develop community-minded citizens, promote student achievement, and prepare our students to meet the challenges of the ever changing world.

In collaboration with our outstanding PTO, we will build a strong coalition of community, parent/guardian, and staff support to ensure that every student receives a quality educational foundation which will prepare them for the future.

I anticipate that we will have a very successful school year, and I look forward to working with you and your child.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Kristie L. Shulsk
Moraine Elementary School